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When I started working as a Hypnotherapist in 2003 in Oxford weight loss was a personal problem. Now it seems that.. Learn more.

Anxiety is sometimes perceived as the fear of something that is going to happen such as an exam, a visit to the dentist or.. Learn more.

Prolonged Stress makes us ill. I know this from my time as a Physics Teacher. When I worked in a tough.. Learn more.

The feeling of being very scared of something that cannot do you any, or very little harm, is a phobia... Learn more.

The concept of a virtual gastric band started in a clinic in Spain. The patients were hypnotised with the suggestions that they.. Learn more.

One option for you if you want to stop smoking is to use E-cigarettes. If you do not want to suck on these devices then stopping smoking with hypnosis is your best option. I offer a.. Learn more.


I used to get IBS. Bloating, pain, avoiding foods and so on. I am completely IBS free now and life is.. Learn more.

Depression is often linked with anxiety. People who are.. Learn more.

Panic Attacks are very unpleasant feelings of intense anxiety and fear. These emotions can be accompanied with physical symptoms such as a palpitating heart and fainting...Learn more.

Emetophobia is a very common phobia in which people are afraid of being sick or vomiting. It can be a very debilitating phobia that prevents the suffering from leading a full life. For this complicated condition I would recommend Memory Reconsolidation Therapy...Learn more.

Gambling Addiction is becoming increasingly common. I have seen many people with Gambling Addiction and know the personal cost to the Gambler, their family and extended family. Treatment. The first thing I do for my clients is help them save them money immediately...Learn more.

Many people suffer from a Fear of Flying. It is often very easy to treat with Suggestion Hypnotherapy. It is best to see a Hypnotherapist two or three weeks before the flight for maximum effectiveness...Learn more.

Lack of Confidence is often linked with a low self-esteem. If you require a relatively short term boost of confidence for an exam or a public speaking event then I would recommend Suggestion Hypnotherapy. If you are looking for a more permanent solution then Memory Reconsolidation would be the best therapy available.

Most top sports people will say that an exceptional performance comes mostly from the mind. Top Sports Psychologists will undoubtedly use hypnosis with their clients. Suggestion Hypnotherapy can get you in the zone for your sport. Done properly hypnosis improves consistency of performance.

Of all sports the performance and enjoyment of golf players is mostly enhanced with hypnotherapy. The golf players that I have seen have always improved their swing and accuracy. Hypnotherapy is much more effective and certainly cheaper than buying new clubs to seek improvement.

Nail Biting in adults can be an unsightly and painful habit. The use of Suggestion Hypnotherapy could change the habit into something less destructive such as ear lobe squeezing. An alternative could be to undergo Memory Reconsolidation therapy so that the underlying anxiety would lessen and nail biting would no longer be needed.

There are good habits and bad habits. Changing bad habits into good habits is not always that easy. Suggestion Hypnotherapy can help but if the need for the habit is completely ingrained then I would recommend Memory Reconsolidation for a more permanent solution.

Sleep issues can vary from waking up too early when the neighbors start on an early shift to regular nightmares. For the inconvenience of waking up too early Suggestion Hypnotherapy may be enough to allow you to go back to sleep. For nightmares Memory Reconsolidation should be used to get the core of the problem.

Public Speaking brings out a bit of anxiety in most people. If you have a single event like a best man speech or a one off presentation then a couple of sessions of Suggestion Hypnotherapy should be enough. If you have to do a lot of public speaking then joining a public speaking group such as Toast Masters will help considerably. Should your fear be truly dreadful then Memory Reconsolidation therapy is recommended.

Social Phobia is a fear of social events such as meeting people and parties. Alcohol is used considerably in these situations but it is not always appropriate and can lead to alcohol problems. To get to the root of the issue so you can change I would recommend Memory Reconsolidation therapy.

Sexual problems are often the cause of much relationship problems but people are often reluctant to seek help. Vaginismus, performance anxiety and worries about sexuality are symptoms that I regularly treat. Expect the upmost confidentiality and respect. I would certainly recommend Memory Reconsolidation for most sexual concerns.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy is excellent for Exam Nerves. Positive suggestions within Hypnosis will not only help to relax you but will also help you remember what you have learned.

Emotional Issues is a very broad term that spans a combination of anxiety, depression, compulsive eating and social phobia. Most symptoms such as addictions and IBS have an emotional base. Memory Reconsolidation therapy will help nearly all your emotional issues.