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These are a few quotes from the many clients I have seen over the years.

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Peter – Smoking “I never thought that I would give up smoking so easily. I just don’t want to smoke anymore and I have lost weight.”

Oliver – Nail Biting “Since our session and into the new year, it was a great success! For the first few hours I noticed myself going for my fingers, but then something just stopped this activity. This led to a complete regrowth of my cuticles and I could not remember a time they looked better. Remarkable, really, considering I had put up with the habit for around 20 years.”

Sue – Weight Loss “Weight has been falling off me and I have dropped two dress sizes all ready. For the first time in years my Doctor did not ask me to stand the scales.”

Jake – Gambling Addiction & Anxiety "I couldn't thank Luke enough for the therapy he has done with me as I had a gambling problem and I have now been clean from it for months"

"The therapy Luke has done with me has cleared a lot of my anxiety and I feel like a totally different person, I have achieved so much since seeing him and overcome a lot of problems.”

Jane – Anxiety “I am finally feeling happy. The sessions with you were so good and now I feel I can really enjoy being with my children.”

Megan – Public Speaking Anxiety “I survived and passed the public speaking element of the course so all is good! I was much more relaxed than the week before. Thank you for the session - I really appreciate your time and help.”

Amy – Son was struggling to swallow food. “Hello Luke, Richard was more relaxed than we have seen him for years after each of his sessions with you. He would like to come back for some more sessions when he gets back from France. He was eating much more easily when he left. Thanks again, Richard will be in touch,”

Samantha – Child Birth Issues “Luke is very competent and professional. He listens to me very carefully and understands my situation and my aims very well. Then he had a clear plan to over come my problem. I benefitted very much.”

Keith – Teeth Grinding (bruxism) Came to see me after seeing a Psychiatrist for six months. “It was a very good and interesting experience. At times deep and intense. I felt the benefits and improvements after only four sessions.”

Emma – Virtual Gastric Band “I really cannot eat as much food as I used to. It’s fantastic. Thank you so much.”