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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

One option for you if you want to stop smoking is to use E-cigarettes. If you do not want to suck on these devices then stopping smoking with hypnosis is your best option. I offer a single session for stopping smoking. That is all you need. There is no free initial consultation for stopping smoking. Why prolong it. If you want to stop smoking then I feel you should get on with it.

During an hour and a half session I will challenge your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the habit of smoking. Only if I feel you are ready for the hypnosis part of the session will I ask for my fee. My fee is not cheap but if you are going to give up smoking then the fee is not so large.

  • Do you believe that nicotine is addictive?
  • Would you go on a long haul flight where you cannot smoke for many hours?
  • Why do people still smoke when their close relatives have died early due to smoking induced lung cancer?

These are all important questions in which you need to find your own answers to. I shall help you.

Some people put on weight when they stop smoking. Suggestions within hypnosis will focus the ‘lost feeling’ of no longer smoking to something healthy and positive such are pride in your health and your improved smell.

If I believe that you are not ready to stop smoking then I will tell you. If you suffer from extreme anxiety or depression then there is another way to help you give up smoking. I would then offer Memory Reconsolidation therapy. This rapid form of Psychotherapy will work on eliminating the anxiety or other symptoms so you will be then ready to give up your habit.

When you are ready to stop smoking. You will find it very easy to do so. But you will of course need some determination. But if you have no determination then you would not come to see me in the first place.