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Mindfulness is a meditative technique and an approach to life that helps people become happier and less anxious. It helps with depression, stress and weight loss.

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Mindfulness is an awareness of your breathing, body and emotions. It is being kind to yourself and understanding that emotions come and go but they do not define you.

There is a substantial amount of research that concludes that regular Mindful Meditation makes you happier and healthier. I offer both individual Mindfulness training and group classes.

Mindfulness and Hypnosis Compared

There are similarities between modern hypnotic techniques and Mindfulness. Hypnosis and Mindfulness are both a states of enhanced awareness.

Mindfulness focuses on noticing feelings and emotions and accepting them.

Hypnosis actively changes an unwanted behaviour. It is symptom specific.

Through acceptance, Mindfulness will help change an unwanted behaviour in an organic and indirect way.